Great[-ly Dashed] Expectations

A draught of sweet cold air embraced me as I stepped into the faculty office of the College of Liberal Arts.  It was totally devoid of people.  I surveyed the empty cubicles with consternation, until the rustle of papers in one of the bigger offices revived my hope.  I have to ask about the German course.  Mustering my courage, I gave a hesitant tap on the chipboard door.

The voice that hailed me in was strong and authoritative.   In as few words as possible I introduced myself and asked for the details I needed: that I was from the College of Engineering, that I was a scholar, that I wanted to attend a “Deutschkurs”, how to go about it, &c.   I was trembling with excitement within even as the [obviously] professor’s almost-living spectacle-lenses met my eyes.  No amount of self-study could replace a real course in a real university with real people!

His next words shocked me.

“Oh I see, however I must apologise…”  In short the gist was Goethe Institut has run out of instructors and could not…blah…drone…blubber…

A three-year-old dream.  Vapourised.  Kaput.   Vamooshed.  Because they ran out of instructors.  Ran out of instructors!   Just because they frigging don’t want to spend money recruiting people from the overcrowded streets of Berlin! Or Bonn! Or Whateverdort/dorf/burg/leben!

I know I am not being fair.  Rants hardly are.   It must needs be that frustrations come.  But woe to the one from whom the frustration cometh!

Are you telling me that I have to finish A2 on my own, relying on the frigging handouts and manuals and youtubes and mp3’s for application!  Real-life training is simply irreplaceable!

Ach Goethe, Goethe, Goethe, warum haben Sie mich verlassen!